Jug Bay Wetland Sanctuary's Yearly Theme

In an effort to strive for EFFECTIVE MESSAGING and ACTION ON THE GROUND, the Sanctuary staff is excited to announce a new effort involving a 2021 year defined by programs and activities guided by a common and unifying theme: “Native Plants''.


Why Native Plants? 

Preserving, enhancing, and creating native plant rich habitats is a synonym of preserving biodiversity. Diverse and healthy habitats in turn represent functioning ecosystems that support life. With invasive plants and animals as a real threat to habitat biodiversity, we want to focus our efforts to educate, preserve, and create an environment thriving with native plants - not only at the Sanctuary but at our own communities and homes.


Amidst numerous known environmental and anthropogenic impacts degrading the natural environment, we often feel overwhelmed and unable to help. Through this effort we will provide opportunities to become engaged in a personal way. Removing invasive plants help natives thrive and keep biodiversity, creating home-native plant gardens provides habitat and food to pollinators and birds, planting native trees protects the soil, cleans the air, and conserves water. All of these are examples of achievable things any of us can do to help nature thrive.


During the year 2021, Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary will:

  • promote and share information about Native Plants through our different communication fora, including newsletters, website and social media;
  • integrate our Native Plants yearly theme in our outdoor education, stewardship, volunteer, and research programs;
  • organize a signature event to celebrate Native Plants; and
  • organize a “habitat challenge” to convert 10% or more of your home yard into a native plant garden.


Through these activities, there will be many opportunities for everyone to participate and join us in this exciting new effort, which would only be successful if you are part of it!