SAV Watch-A-Thon

Jul 21, 2023 10:00AM—4:00PM


Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary Visitor Center, 1361 Wrighton Road, Lothian, MD 20711

Cost Free


Join us for our second annual SAV Watch-A-Thon event this summer! Submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) are critical components of a healthy aquatic ecosystem providing habitat and nursery grounds for fish, serving as food for animals such as turtles and waterfowl, clearing the water by reducing wave action, absorbing excess nutrients, and reducing shoreline erosion. At this one-day event, volunteers will be trained to identify and count SAV in the morning and, after a brown bag lunch, will paddle into the Jug Bay estuary to collect valuable data on SAV growth and abundance. No prior scientific experience is necessary however prior experience paddling is helpful. Canoes, kayaks, and PFD’s will be provided. Registration is required, ages 12 and older. All minors MUST be accompanied by an adult.