Pysanky: Ukrainian Egg Decorating

Feb 22, 2020 10:00AM—2:00PM

Cost 35.00


Considered by many to be a “sacred magical art”, the creation of a talisman with specific intentions written into the life-giving egg, the Pysanky is an ancient means to celebrate the cycles and events in nature and in life. Created using motifs rooted in nature and the cycles of life, designs are made with simple instruments (made of wood and copper) called kistkas, the humble materials of beeswax and candlelight, and intensely vibrant dyes.Create a beautiful egg in this time-honored Ukrainian tradition of Pysanky, or create a symbolic piece of art to invoke a new world vision. This workshop will explore the art in a free form, using symbolism that tells a specific story and holds a deliberate intention. Each participant will receive a Pysanky kit containing the basic tools and materials required for the class. Instructor Coreen Weilminster has been making Pysanky for over 20 years. Participants must bring an empty egg carton to transport their piece home safely and a bag lunch.

Pre-registration and payment is required by February 8th. No refunds after February 8th. Space is limited. Ages: 12+. Maximum of 12 participants.

Fee: $35/person, includes materials and Pysanky kit to keep.