Become a Vernal Pool Monitor

Jan 28, 2023 10:00AM—2:00PM


Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary 1361 Wrighton Rd Lothian, MD 20711

Cost $0.00


Do you have a love for salamanders? Do frogs capture your heart? Are you interested in helping to protect vernal pools, one of the most critical and vulnerable habitats for amphibian life cycles? If so, then join our volunteer team to survey our ten vernal pools throughout the 2023 season, beginning Feb 1 and ending May 30. Volunteers will receive an introduction to vernal pools, water quality monitoring, and our methods for sampling for animal life. Volunteers are expected to commit to visiting our pools once per month for 4-6 hours throughout the survey season which includes off-trail hiking.

Registration and current health guidelines required. Ages 16 and older. Free.