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The 100 Mile Hike Club is an opportunity to become healthier, happier individuals with a stronger connection to both the outdoors and the natural world. 

Join the 2024 Jug Bay 100 Mile Hike Club!

Our goal is to hike 100 miles in one calendar year through solo hikes and monthly Naturalist-guided hikes. At the end, we will celebrate our accomplishment together with a big pasta dinner hosted at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary. 

Here are the basic rules and guidelines:
  • All (and we mean ALL) are welcome! Whether you are signing up in January or November (good luck!), child or adult, this club is for you!
  • Log your mileage on your own throughout the year using the 100 Mile Hike Club Hike Tracker. When you complete your 100th mile, bring to the Sanctuary or send a copy of your completed form to Naturalist Liana at
  • Hike anywhere! While we'd love for you to rack up your miles at Jug Bay, hiking anywhere counts. We strongly encourage 100 Mile Hike Club participants to try to log 50 miles or more at the Sanctuary but it is not a requirement. We really just want you to get outside anywhere! And, if you're already a volunteer at Jug Bay such as a Trail Monitor, your mileage still counts towards your 100 mile goal.
  • Join our monthly Naturalist-led club hike held the last Friday of every month from 2pm-5pm. The hike is free however the $6 vehicle entrance fee is required (or become a Friend of Jug Bay and have it waived for a year!)

  • Add your hiking photos to our Flickr group. We will create a slideshow of all of your photos to share at our big pasta dinner at the end of the year!
  • Sign up for the 100 Mile Hike Club email list for motivating reminders and additional special hike announcements throughout the year (approx. one email/month)

Can't wait to see you on the trail!