There is always something for the keen eye of a photographer here at the Sanctuary. The varied habitats, the education programs, and volunteer projects provide many opportunities to capture a variety of images.

Add to our Flickr photo set, or submit photographs for the Friends of Jug Bay Stewards gift.

Volunteer photographers use their own equipment and should contact us to make arrangements for photographing events and for photo submissions.

Stream Photographer Needed:

Volunteer(s) are needed to document changes over time along our three study streams. Volunteers commit to visiting several sites along each stream a minimum of once every 3 months to capture seasonal variations, and in addition, visit as needed after rainstorms of 1-inch or more to document flood damage. The volunteer(s) also upload and label the images through our Flickr account.

Natural History:
  • Landscape scenes - the boardwalks, decks, benches, and observation blinds offer many locations to capture changes over time
  • Wildlife - from crawling beetles to soaring eagles, we welcome images for research and education purposes
  • Plants - our land consists of forests, meadows, and wetlands; within these habitats are hundreds of plant species, many of which we have no photographic record for.
  • See our plant and animal species lists for more information. 
Outdoor Education:
  • Public programs - volunteers and staff lead participants on hikes and other educational tours year-round
  • Schools & Scouts - in the spring, summer and fall, students participate in field trips, camps, and other programs
  • Canoe trips - in the spring, summer and fall, participants are guided through the marsh using our fleet of canoes

Our research programs are one of our most popular volunteer activities; from turtle tracking, to water chemistry measurements, volunteers are out in the field year-round. We are always in need of current photo-documentation for education and training purposes. Visit our research page to see the schedule, and help us document our citizen science.