Animal Care


We promote experiences out-of-doors here at Jug Bay, but we do maintain a small collection of live animals. Volunteers assist by helping to maintain our exhibit room aquarium fish and three box turtles. (print-friendly volunteer description)

From May to October, our resident box turtles (and all local reptiles) are active. Living in an enclosure along the side of the McCann Wetlands Center, they are part of an educational display, "Disappearing Gems of the Forest". Throughout their range, the Eastern Box Turtle, Terrapene carolina carolina, is losing habitat to forest fragmentation, road and building construction, and collection from the wild as pets. Our outdoor exclosure was designed and installed with the assistance of the Mid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society to raise awareness of the struggles this charismatic animal faces.

Box turtle animal care is for volunteers who are interested in helping us care for the three turtles that live in the educational enclosure. Box turtle natural history, feeding, and enclosure maintenance are the components of the project. Volunteers feed the turtles and tend to the enclosure on Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends, the days when we are open to the public. Individuals and families with children at least 6 years old can sign up to join the team and participate weekly in the care and maintenance of the turtles, as well as interact with visitors to the Sanctuary and help educate them about box turtles.

Interested volunteers attend a training session to learn about box turtle biology and the care of our residents. Contact Melinda Fegler, the Volunteer Coordinator if you would like to help.

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The Lind Family shows off their turtle friends after feeding "the girls" and tidying their enclosure.