Bringing Nature Home

If you enjoy watching butterflies float by on a summer breeze, or love waking up to the songs of birds, then having native plants in your yard is critical to their future survival. As more and more natural land is converted to developments and paved over, or smothered by non-native invasives, our wild animals are losing places to live.

Native plant gardening, (having plants in our yard that were here before European settlers) is an easy and fun way to provide food and shelter for wildlife. Visit the Maryland Native Plant Society and US Fish & Wildlife BayScapes to learn more about the many benefits of native plant gardening and where to get natives. And when you can't beat 'em, eat 'em!

Download copies of the US Fish and Wildlife Service's outstanding native and invasive guidebooks here:

You can also help us here at the Sanctuary by participating in our Garden Club and Invasive Plant Removals. Visit our Volunteer Stewardship page for more information.