Meet the Interns

2016 Jug Bay Interns

Yasmine Hentati
Yasmine has just graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a B.S. in Environmental Science & Policy. Her concentration was in Wildlife Ecology & Management. She was very involved on campus as a tour guide, a member of the marching band, and a teaching assistant. In terms of research, Yasmine has been conducting deer management research with Howard County and is passionate about ungulate and carnivore ecology in Maryland. This summer at Jug Bay, Yasmine will be surveying deer and determining a deer population density in the Sanctuary, as well as hopefully doing some carnivore monitoring.

Newly Developed Protocols: Small Mammal Surveying - Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

Final Report: White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Monitoring and Population Density at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

Jorah Fawn Reinstein
The daughter of a gardener, Jorah hails from the Pacific Northwest, where she worked as a gardener and nanny before moving to Maryland to pursue a master’s degree in landscape architecture.  She is currently studying conservation of small wetlands along utility rights-of-way.  This summer, she will be participating in seed bank research in support of vegetation management planning at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary.

Final Report: Managing for pollinators: Cultivating expression of the herbaceous seed bank in a coastal plain meadow

JBWS summer interns write a report of their research results. Past projects are listed below by year.

2015 - Erica Loudermilk - Correlating Elevation to Vegetation Communities and Investigating Operator Error of an Electronic Level and RTK-GPS in a Tidal Freshwater Marsh